Butterfly valves 

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Butterfly valves  are an economical and practical option for industrial applications where space is limited and remote control is required. They are also corrosion resistant and suitable for the water, wastewater, chemical and petrochemical industries. They offer fast, turbulent flow with minimal pressure drop and are suitable for applications where fine flow control is not required. They can be remotely operated using an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, while offering a robust and reliable solution. In short, the butterfly valve is a versatile option for many industrial applications that require efficient and convenient fluid flow control.

How does a butterfly valve work?

All butterfly valves are in stock and available within 2-3 days.

Attention: an additional period of 2 days  is necessary for the assembly of an actuator and various accessories on the valves.

Are you having trouble finding the valve you are looking for or do you have a more complex project?

Our experts are at your disposal via chat , the Contact forms or via mail at sales@emac.be

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