Checkvalves &  " Y "strainers 

   Back            "Y" strainers serie 221 and FKM serie 365 stainless checkvalves are the most requested    

Check valves with single flap, with double flap,with beam, with piston, with spring, are all essential elements for the protection of installations, such as a pump which cannot be deprimed and have a dry start or a installation therefore fluid reflux must be avoided.

Whether used with water, gas, steam or industrial fluids, each type has its advantages and disadvantages. download the documentation or ask us for the most appropriate selection.

Y strainers with PN16 flange connection are the most common.​

 The Y body allows the interception of impurities by the screen.
These filters are placed upstream of a line to protect instrumentation, pumps and valves.

The overall dimensions EN 558 series 1 help standardization and interchangeability of equipment.